Climate Quartet

Music for our Planet

Our Mission

At the moment the earth has to deal with a climate crisis. 

There is much scientific research going on about how our climate changes and what influence we as human beings can have on this change. 

Besides this important scientific research, we believe in the power of music. Music can inspire, motivate and help change. That’s why we bring climate music to people.

What we do

Classical music is often inspired by nature. Composers for example can write about how water flows, how birds chirp and how a storm is coming up. But also about how machines sound, and about all human emotions. Nature, technology and humans are important aspects of the climate crisis, and all this you can hear back in music.


We mainly give musical performances at symposia about climate research, because we find the collaboration between scientists and artists very interesting. But we can play at any event related to the climate crisis. We adjust our musical performance to the event, which means every performance of us is different. 

I’m going to organize an event and I’m looking for live music. How does it work?

When a symposium is organized, it could be nice for the variety to have (next to all the speakers) some music in the program.

When you contact us, we will discuss together which suitable role music can play in the event. We give different possibilities and you can choose the one you like. After that, we will ask about the topic of the symposium/event, so we can choose the music that fits the topic.

If wished, before the musical performance starts, we could also give a short introduction to the music with explanation or interesting facts.